Washerman of Delhi: Haath Ki Safaai

Aaqib Raza Khan and Naureen Khan

On the outskirts of India’s national capital, New Delhi, a group of men gather every morning with a baggage of clothes. The location is the bank of river Yamuna in the south-eastern part of the city. These men wash clothes manually, in a rapidly modernizing city. In the video, we trace Sarfuddin, a washer-man, in his daily work.

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Sufi Music, Beyond Cultures

Naureen Khan, Prerna Lidho and Karan Dhar

Sufi music is not only confined to India but has a global appeal. Robin from Germany came all the way to feel the Sufi culture, listen to the Qawwali that takes place in the Nizzamuddin Daraga. The audio slideshow is about Robin’s view on the Sufi culture and his understanding of Qawwali music.

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What Makes People Sing

What Makes People Sing



Naureen Khan


Music and singing brings a feeling of joy. A stress buster for some and sometimes a partner in tears. Music has always been a beautiful part of life. The Audio is a Vox pop where people reveal what makes singing so special in their life. With views and beautiful sounds of guitar and melodious voices.

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Theater a new medium of education

New Delhi, 18.02.14

Theater is emerging as a new art to cater children’s educational needs and overall personality development. Watching plays gives a sense of curiosity and widen their imagination. International Theater Festival for Young Audiences (TIFLI), held at Bal Bhawan, New Delhi, emphasize the importance of performing arts in education field.  The festival organised by ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Théâtre de l’Enfance et la Jeunesse), starts from Feb. 17 to Feb. 23 that includes theater performances, symposiums and seminars for educators, workshops, platform shows and competitions for children.

“It’s very important for children to watch such plays as it teaches discipline and gives exposure. It becomes a holistic learning,” says Dr. Ashish Ghosh, President of ASSITEJ. He further says that theater develops a child’s confidence, gathers concentration and empowers observation.

Dr. Ghosh, currently working with the National Council of Educational Research and Training in developing curriculum, said he has been conducting classes of Bachelor of Elementary Education in eight colleges of Delhi University.

New medium of education have started to emerge and with different art forms, children not only learn but enjoy as well. Rashi Jain, a student of class 6 said that play teaches us how to be bold. “Children only learn from different books and forget how to fantasies so this is a different kind of show that builds their imagination which is a very important factor,” says Annette Wurbs, a theater artist from Germany.

Communication is the best tool given to mankind and to use it creatively can give many opportunities to learn something new. With such shows, children will be able to develop new techniques of execution. Dr Ghosh says, “With theater we are able to connect beyond education and textual material as it creates curiosity and builds aspirations.”

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Arvind Kejriwal faces criticism from the opponents

New Delhi, 17.02.14

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government steps down in Delhi after facing opposition from both Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Congress in the assembly over Jan Lokpal Bill. The Former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote his resignation letter to Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung.

The situation became very chaotic when the bill was introduced in the House. AAP alleged both BJP and Congress for not allowing the Jan Lokpal Bill to pass. “When we tried to table the bill on the floor, BJP and Congress joined hands to oppose the bill,” said Gopal Rai, National Executive member of AAP. He further said that his party had given this in written to both the parties that they would form the government only if they cooperate with them in working on the pointed issues.

Audio: Interview of Gopal Rai, Spokesperson of AAP:

Congress Party on the other hand believes that AAP had ran away from their responsibilities because they knew that they won’t be able to extend the subsidy on electricity and water. “Arvind Kejriwal has left the people of Delhi in lurch. He has not even made the provision for the subsidy in electricity and water,” said Arvinder Singh Lovely, President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee. He also stressed that after March, the rate of electricity and water will become double since the AAP government did not take appropriate measures.

Audio: Interview of Arvinder Singh Lovely, Spokesperson of Congress:

BJP has same views as of Congress and believes that the former CM has not fulfilled his promises. The national spokesperson of BJP, Nirmala Sitaraman said that it raises questions if Kejriwal is forfeiting his responsibilities in governing the city. As Kejriwal has criticized both the parties on which Nirmala Sitaraman says, ” 49 days of government which has not even completely formed his feet cant be searching for excuses.” She further adds that an opposition is meant to be raising questions and he cannot be running away from giving answers.

Audio: Interview of Nirmala Sitaraman, Spokesperson of BJP:

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Come and Play Scheme

Naureen Khan

23 November 2013, New Delhi

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) introduced a new scheme called ‘Come and Play Scheme’ through which sport persons would be imparted training by professional coaches. The scheme targets age between 8 and 17 could join and benefit from this scheme. It ensures access to more than 80 SAI facilities for the sports loving citizens of the country.

They would have to pay the minimum fees of Rs. 45 per month. Meanwhile, outstanding sports persons (men and women), who participated in the national and state-level competitions, studying in government schools and below poverty line, have to pay only Rs. 15 as monthly fee. 10,000 children participated in the come and play scheme last year and through first come first base were selected.

The objective of the scheme is to impart coaching primarily to beginners, not only to broad base sports but for best utilization of the infrastructure available.

Under the scheme, age specific competitions would be conducted twice a year and the first three position holders in the relevant age groups would be allowed to participate in competitions organised for selection of trainees for admission to boarding scheme in SAI training centers.

The photo story draws a reflection on how the government is not only facilitating the athletes but also the common man. It allows the children to grow in their field of interest and an opportunity to participate and represent the country at its best.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Naureen Khan

15 October 2013, New Delhi

Who could imagine in a 50 square meter terrace, there would exist more than 20,000 varieties of plants.  Madan Gopal Kohli, a resident of Keshavpuram, North Delhi makes it believable, a four time Limca Book of Record winner for his plants on terrace gardening.

A treat for anyone who loves gardening, thousands of plants speak volume about the effort that Mr. Kohli puts into nurturing and saving them from the scorching heat. With 4-5 hours daily dedicating his day in plantation, he maintains the accuracy of water and sunlight intake with the special needs of different plants. “Every plant to blossom is a difficult task but I have seen Kohli uncle take extra measures and his passion for its beauty drives him to take utmost care,” said Mrs. Smitha Sharma, his neighbor.

Mr. Kohli called as “Gardenwala” is known for blossoming of summer flowers during winter and vice-verse. He follows the process of uprooting summer plants and using it as fertilizers while he replaces the empty spot for winter plants. This way his plants are not wasted but creates a natural and healthy process which he calls as organic farming. “I feel there is nothing better than organic natural farming that gives a mouth watering taste of the fruits and vegetables which cannot be felt with the chemical mixed food sold in the market.”

Ever since he was a child, gardening fascinated him. He would visit Mughal Garden after his school to view beautiful flowers. He started to plant different kinds of roses in his garden and his passion continues till date. “I participated in many shows; All India Kitchen Garden, Pusa Delhi Agriculture Show, for which I have won many awards.” This did not satisfy him and so he started his own “Mini Flower Show” which will be the 21st in 2014. “Taking selected flowers for shows was hectic and justice to my other plants was not served and so I decided rather than me going, I wanted people to come to me.” He claims to have invited every Delhi mayor, several MP’s, including Shahnawaz Hussain, and the late Sahib Singh Verma to his terrace garden show.

Kirti Sharma, a regular admirer said, “On one hand you will be able to find plants of strawberries, mango leaf of 16 inches long, grapes, guavas, tomatoes, beans, lemon while on the other hand you will be able to see the beauty of roses, even lotus, sunflowers, wall flower , medicinal plants.” Indian Agriculture Research Institute Official said, “ Few extinguish plants are found at Mr. Kohli terrace with an amazing feature of not grown from ground but kept in sacks of cement bags, polythin bag or rubber baskets.” Mr. Kohli believes in best use of waste and so he uses ice-cream cups, glass, broken vase, clay tea cups, and big sacks as base of the plants to be grown. “I have mango tree, kerela tree and mint tree growing from one cement sack”, said Mr. Kohli.

Mr. Kohli, former defence personnel spends most of his time with his green friends and believes that it has cured his respiratory disease. His grandson Ajay Sachdeva said, “He is a One Man Army”. Mr. Kohli adds that if more people feel motivated to grow plants in their homes and neighborhood, it would make every city a beautiful place to live in.


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